Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bought and Paid For

I am working on a new bible study by David Nasser called "a call to die." Today's section was about our being bought and paid for. We are all slaves! If we are not living our life for Christ, then we are slaves to our sin. I've heard that before but it really hit home this morning. In ancient times, when a bond servent had finished his obligation to his master he had a choice to make, he could go on his own way and attempt to make a living or if the master had been loving and kind, he could choose to stay with him and continue working for him. If he choose to stay, the servent was 'peirced' to show that he had made the choice to stay with that master.

The price that God paid to free us from that life of sin, was the death of his only son. He willing gave him so that the price of our sin could be paid for. Once we accept that gift, we can continue to work (serve) a loving master and our hearts become 'peirced' showing that same kind of love to others.

My prayer today is that my heart is peirced for God. That all around me people may see that I have made a concious choice to stay with my master and live life for Him!

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