Monday, August 30, 2010

God's Grace Is Sufficient and Overflowing!

It's amazing how well God works together. I am in the midst of two bible studies. Today one talked about God's grace -do we often take advantage of that grace? (Yes!) Do we realize the cost of that grace? (To often no!) I want to recognize the cost of God's grace and live each day in awe and thankfulness of that grace by counting the cost of that grace. I want to live my life for him. The second study was centered in Psalms and it's amazing to see how much God not only cares about the big things but the small details as well. When combined together, isn't amazing to think that God would have sent his Son if I was the only one on the this planet that needed his grace? Isn't it amazing to realize that not only does God have a big plan for each one of us (his desire to see us all accept his grace and live according to his Word), but even smaller still, God has a smaller plan fit specifically for each and every situation that we encounter!

Today, my hope is that we might all be seeking his small specific plans for our individuals lives as we all accept his grace and move together to fulfill his big plan for our lives!

Enjoy the day my friends - God has created it specifically for you!!

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